Get Social With Us
We ask that you relax to your heart’s content while surrounded by our tranquil and tasteful spaces, which have been maintained since the Edo period (1603-1868), about 320 years ago.

General room

There are rooms that are pure Japanese style. These have a calm, laid-back ambience just like your home.
Please make yourself at home as you feel time passing slowly by.

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Rooms with open-air bath

There are special rooms that look out onto the Kiso River. You can have the star-filled night sky and the pleasant murmur of the Kiso River all to yourself in the open-air bath. (2 rooms)

These rooms are pure Japanese style with a calm, relaxed ambience. Each room has 8 tatami mats (13.2㎡)

While stretching your legs in our relaxing bath, you can smell the faint aroma of the Hinoki cypress trees.


Room overview

Basic service

Check in 3:00 pm Check out 10:00 am
*We rent fashionable Yukata for women at the reception desk.

You can rent a Fashionable Japanese summer robe to wear while relaxing around the inn. We call these robes “Yukata”. Basic versions of these traditional robes are found in your room at no extra charge.
Rental Price: 600JPY for one


The local cuisine “Kiso Ogottsuo” is cooked in front of our guests, so it’s always piping hot. Please enjoy as many of our chef’s recommended dishes and family-style dishes as you’d like.


You can have breakfast and dinner in our traditional-style dining restaurant “Kiso Sachi-no-Kura”.

Room facilities


Shower, bathroom, TV, telephone, safe, thermos, hot water and tea set, air-conditioner, hair dryer, air cleaner, refrigerator



Yukata (traditional summer robe), Haori (short coat for formal kimono), bath towels, face towels, tooth brush, Japanese style socks

Phone: (+81)264-22-2010

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